Employee Wellness

I can help your company start a wellness program or enhance an existing wellness initiative.

What is different about employee wellness with You Bloom Wellness, LLC?

highly interactive

results focused

embraces laser (10 minute) coaching and education segments

employee readiness to change assessment

support for the wellness committee/planners

experienced and effective coaching and education

summarized and explained health data

skillfully communicated health and wellness information


Frequent but short, interactive exchanges are effective at keeping wellness in people’s minds and lets them establish a relationship in which they feel comfortable accepting support in making change. I excel at condensing the plethora of health/wellness research into useable nuggets. I also weave coaching into educating and educating into coaching which connects the participant’s knowledge with taking action. This combination makes even short interactions powerful.

Wellness activities commonly include lunch and learn programs, email tips, workstation relaxation exercises, discussion questions, thought provoking activities.

Ask me why typical company weight loss competitions are not a good idea!

Why employee wellness programs are important

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset and happier, healthier employees are more engaged and productive. Employee wellness programs can help:

  • decrease absenteeism
  • decrease healthcare costs
  • decrease accidents and errors
  • increase productivity
  • increase creativity
  • increase morale

Up to 90% of healthcare claims are preventable, treatable and related to lifestyle choices:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • stress
  • smoking
  • obesity

Working together

Maybe your company or organization is similar to some I have worked with:


“I’ve been promoting work place wellness initiatives for 15 years now.  Unfortunately, I know from experience that most programs don’t seem to inspire employees to actually make healthy lifestyle changes. Laura Crooks is definitely an exception to that rule.

Over the course of four months, our company was privileged to have Laura speak to our 600 plus manufacturing employees at their weekly stand-up meetings on topics ranging from the importance of sleep, stress management strategies and smart eating on the run.

Laura is not just a knowledgeable author, but a subject matter expert who conveys up to date practical information on how to integrate wellness into our incredibly in-over-our-heads hectic lives. On a deeper level, she actually transmits a contagious optimism and felt sense that her same vitality, healthy wholesomeness, and fitness is something we all can achieve. ”

– Joe O’Brien,  Director, Human Resources  Oberg Industries

“Laura’s been our Wellness coordinator for some time now.  She does a great job working both with the entire facility, for lunch ‘n learns and with individual employees.  She takes the time to understand what we each need and is able to coach us towards that goal.  The best part is she is knowledgeable and supportive.

We have become very comfortable in working with her.  This has developed a trust so that all wellness issues can be discussed, not just diet and exercise, which allows Laura to add coaching tips that go beyond standard answers.  The way she connects with each of is more effective than lengthy PowerPoint presentations.  Her visits are fun and educational and we look forward to them.”

-Kyle Briggs, General Manager at Cameron

“Laura’s visits have been so beneficial to our company. Laura’s in-depth knowledge in all aspects of wellness along with her caring personality make her a great wellness coach. She knows each person individually and what they are striving for in their own personal wellness journey.  She is a great role model in learning to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She would be very helpful to any company.”

-Lindsay Darchicourt, Purchasing Supervisor/Wellness Coordinator at Cameron, a Schlumberger Company

Bring wellness to your employees.