Imagine life with

no burnout, less stress, more energy and joy!

Feeling overwhelmed and burned out sucks the joy out of work, life and you. You can live a balanced, energetic and fulfilling life with no burnout, less stress and more joy.
Let me show you how.

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Do you feel drained and depleted?

do you...

feel exhausted or drained?
feel like you don’t have enough time?
dread going to work?
“stuff” your emotions or react inappropriately?
question whether you are making a difference?

The more yes answers you have the more likely you are experiencing burnout.

Do you wish you had a solution?

I provide simple solutions for resolving your burnout, re-igniting your purpose and joy and creating life balance.


Burnout is recognized by the World Health Organization (ICD-11) as an occupational phenomenon, an official workplace syndrome.

Burnout is becoming more prevalent

Common in many professional work settings, and especially within healthcare, burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion with a diminished sense of accomplishment. Burnout can sneak up on you and you may not initially be aware you are slipping into it. Job stress and burnout occur when you feel you have too many demands and too little control. Burnout is possible when your resources have been depleted; self-care is essential to replenishing and building resilience.

The statistics around burnout get tricky because despite being officially recognized we might each use the term a bit differently. People may say “burnout” to mean they had a stressful day or are frustrated with a particular team or task, similar to how we say we are “freezing” or “starving” when we really are just chilly or hungry. Regardless, burnout is becoming more prevalent.

Burnout is reversible
  • Burnout and stress both affect your productivity, mood, physical health and personal relationships.
  • Burnout is both preventable and reversible.
  • Stress and overwhelm can be managed.
  • Building your resilience keeps you replenished, lessens your stress and reduces your risk of burnout.
  • Compassion and burnout are inversely related
  • Your personal and professional lives can be harmonious.
  • Life can be fulfilling and fun.

These behaviors help reduce burnout and stress:

re-prioritizing activities
practicing self-care
positive social connections
living with joy
shifting your mindset and thinking
creating work-life balance
practicing compassion
You probably already know this.

Let me help you DO it

(because knowing and doing are not the same!).

Imagine how good it will be to feel enthusiastic, full of energy and that you are making a difference.
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