adding self-care to your healthcare

I help driven professionals with lifestyle imbalance add self-care to their healthcare. Over the years your body has changed, your priorities have changed, and your stressors have changed.
Now it’s time to change your lifestyle.

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Do you have these symptoms of lifestyle imbalance?

Life-Style Imbalance

Living with lifestyle imbalance is overwhelming and stressful. You may be juggling multiple activities and never feel done or satisfied and your health may be paying a price.


Self-care is you intentionally, proactively replenishing your body, mind, and spirit. By making simple lifestyle changes you can feel more peaceful, purposeful, energetic, and balanced.


Wellness is a proactive process of recognizing your choices, caring for your body, mind, and spirit, and living as fully as you can. It is not just a synonym for being free of disease. You can manage your health by boosting your wellness. Wellness is a way of living.

7 interrelated keys to wellness

Your sense of wellness is affected by the 7 interrelated keys to wellness: sleep, stress management, mindset, eating, exercise, happiness, and time management. Each area affects and is affected by the others.

stress management: Chronic stress aggravates chronic health conditions. You can make a profound impact starting with as little as 2 minutes of a relaxation exercise.

sleep: Both the quality and quantity of sleep matters. Being rested resets our hormones, improves our energy, mindset and patience.

mindset: Your ability to see choices and take action affects your wellness. You make different decisions from a positive mindset.

eating: While what you eat is important, so is why you eat and how you eat.

exercise: Exercise is easiest and most effective when the type you do matches your personality and goals.

happiness: You can become happier.

time management: Prioritizing and managing your time creates time for self-care.


…life without chaos, fatigue, and constant pressure.

…feeling energetic, enthusiastic, purposeful, and fulfilled.

…feeling well.