About Laura

I am an RN who left patient care and become a certified wellness coach to help people stop treating symptoms and address the root of the problem. By adding self-care to their healthcare my clients can recapture their enthusiasm, fitness, and energy.

I believe that your wellness is determined by your mindset, sleep, happiness, stress management, energy, eating, exercise, values, and time management. Self-care is not an indulgence but at the core of your wellness.

My nursing background enables me to sort through the abundance of confusing health related information and current research available. My adult education experience lets me condense and present the information in a way that makes it relevant and easy to understand. My coach training enhances my ability to help you actually use the information no matter where your starting point is.


about my education

My education includes a BSN from the University of Michigan, an MEd from Penn State University, training and certification as a wellness coach from Wellcoaches, and I am a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education with a designated wellness coaching specialty.

My published articles can be found in medical and corrections journals. My book is Wellness Made Simple but I have also contributed chapters to nursing and entrepreneur books.

My Wellness Philosophy

Wellness is more than being physically healthy or free from disease. Wellness is the dynamic interplay between body, mind, and spirit. By proactively making better choices we create wellness. Being well means something different to each of us and we use different strategies to achieve it.

My process is about putting you in control and having you re-learn how to listen to your body. There is no one right way to eat, sleep, manage stress, or be well. I do not make an eating or exercise plan for you because that would put me in control. I will, however, guide you in making better food, exercise, and relaxation choices then support you while you begin putting your knowledge into action.

Self-care is an important part of wellness and an important part of my coaching. Self-care is intentionally boosting and replenishing ourselves – body, mind, and spirit. Our bodies needs nutritious food, sleep, and movement.

We also need mental stimulation, mental relaxation, happiness, companionship, hobbies, and a sense of purpose and contribution to flourish. Practicing self-care is a neglected but critical skill; self-care is not an indulgence.

Our sense of wellness is a fluid relationship between interrelated factors such as happiness, sleep, stress management, exercise, eating, mindset, and time management. These are all things we instinctively knew at one point and maybe no longer practice.

As tiny children we slept when we were tired, stopped eating when we were full, screamed or cried when we were stressed, and played as often as we could. Then we learned how to override our internal cues. We stayed up late despite being tired, we ate too much or too little, we stuffed our emotions, and we stopped making time for fun. As adults we may no longer know the sensation of hunger, what it feels like to be rested, how to play or feel peaceful.


Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is not therapy and I am not a therapist. Therapy tends to look to the past to determine why things did not work out or what went wrong. Coaching looks to the future and creates solutions to get you there. It is about creating something new, not fixing something broken. Coaching looks at how you will move forward and therapy looks at why you are stuck. A great way to differentiate coaching from education and therapy is the following analogy of someone trying to learn how to ride a bike. A therapist might talk about your fears and past failures at riding a bike and try to fix them. An educator would show you a bike and make sure you understand the parts, how it works, and the concept of how to balance and pedal. A coach would run along with you, supporting you until you mastered riding.
I will maintain professionalism, confidentiality and uphold coaching ethics. I will keep our scheduled calls, listen non-judgmentally, support and encourage you as you make changes. I will share with you current information on topics such as metabolism, happiness, eating, stress management, the mind-body connection, and exercise.
You are expected to keep scheduled sessions, to work hard in meeting your goals, to be open to considering new ideas, have a sincere commitment, and be ready, willing and able to make changes.
Most people who are truly ready to take action and make meaningful changes enjoy the support of a coach because the focus is all on you achieving what you want. You get structure, accountability, and a process for achieving what you have been unable to achieve on your own. Coaching is all about you, but you do need to find a coach you trust and with whom you enjoy working. The coach with whom you feel a connection is the one who can inspire you to make transformations you haven’t been able to make alone. If you are interested in being coached let’s schedule a free call to see if you and I are a good fit as client and coach.
For individual coaching we “meet” by phone or Skype and have email contact between calls. Calls last about 30 minutes, during which we discuss what insights you got from your homework, what worked well for you, what didn’t, define your next target, and plan ahead as to what might become an obstacle. As I take you through a self-discovery process you complete some self-assessments, you commit to taking action each week, and you create new habits.
No. I sell coaching in packages because creating new habits takes time. In 1 or 2 sessions you might feel like you solved a problem by getting information but you will not have changed any behaviors in that time. Knowing what to do happens long before actually doing it. You need to allow yourself several weeks to develop a new mindset, undo old habits, and then create new ones. We start with an initial free call so you can decide whether you are ready to invest in yourself and if I am the right coach for you.
No. I do not report our work to your doctor or your insurance company. The lifestyle changes we work on can easily be added in to your doctor’s current treatment plan.
No, I do not accept insurance and we are, therefore, not restricted by diagnosis codes. You do not need a diagnosis of anything to work with a coach.
My coaching is not priced by the hour but by the package. Different people take different amounts of time to make what may seem like similar changes. When considering the cost of coaching think in terms of the powerful transformation you will make and the life-long skills you will acquire. Also consider what it will cost you to NOT make these changes, to stay exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated with the status quo. Coaching is not something you can easily comparison shop; it is not a single product or piece of information. There is more to coaching than the time spent on the phone. If you are determined to improve your health and wellness contact me for a complimentary strategy session so we can discuss all aspects and determine if we are a good coach/client fit.
No. I promote changing your attitude, thoughts, and behaviors around stress, food, exercise and self-care. There are no diagnostic kits, supplements, or meals needed as part of my coaching.

Are you ready to move forward?