Living a balanced and fulfilled life is absolutely do-able. My mission is to help you create yours!

If you are just going through the motions of life and feeling overwhelmed, it is time for a change. Your personal AND professional time should be rewarding and enjoyable.

I help professionals eliminate burnout, manage stress and find their elusive work-life balance so they feel fulfilled, enthusiastic and energized.

With 30+ years as a nurse, speaker and coach I am committed to helping others eliminate their personal burnout, manage their stress and reignite their purpose and passion. I do this through speaking to groups, running workshops, individual and group coaching.


My education includes:

  • BSN from the University of Michigan
  • MEd from Penn State University
  • training and certification as a wellness coach from Wellcoaches
  • board certification (BCC) from the Center for Credentialing and Education with a designated wellness coach specialty
  • training from the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine (Massachusetts General Hospital)
  • trainings through HeartMath

My publications include articles in medical and corrections journals, my book Wellness Made Simple, and contributed chapters in nursing and entrepreneur books.

about my wellness philosophy

Wellness is more than being physically healthy or free from disease. Wellness is the dynamic interplay between body, mind and spirit; it is a way of living. By proactively making better choices and practicing self-care you can create wellness and a balanced, fulfilling life.

I believe:

You are not broken.
Self-care is not an indulgence.
Knowing something doesn’t mean you do it.
Change is less overwhelming with support and guidance.
Simple lifestyle changes can yield profound results.
You are unique and benefit from a customized
approach to wellness and work-life balance.
Creating a balanced lifestyle can be simple.
You can do it.


managing stress

Stress is part of life; how we manage it is up to us. Unending chronic stress has health and performance consequences. Managing stress effectively is a lifestyle choice which includes caring for yourself in body, mind and spirit, changing how you think about stress and taking steps to mitigate it. A short yet regular practice will go a long way.

lifestyle imbalance

Living with lifestyle imbalance feels like a tangled mess.  Juggling multiple activities and roles is overwhelming, stressful and unsatisfying.  You never feel done and you question your contribution.


Burnout is the scourge of the 21st century. While especially problematic for healthcare practitioners it can affect all professionals. The classic symptoms of burnout include feeling emotionally exhausted, cynical and that your efforts at work are fruitless. Burnout depletes your mental and physical resources.


Self-care, an essential part of well-being, is intentionally boosting and replenishing ourselves – body, mind and spirit. Our bodies need nutritious food, sleep and movement. We also need mental stimulation and mental relaxation, happiness, companionship, hobbies and a sense of purpose and contribution to flourish. How we think affects how we feel and function.

Practicing self-care is a neglected but critical skill. When you run dry you have nothing left to give. Self-care keeps your watering can full, so you have the capacity to live life in a meaningful way.

Recognizing how each aspect of life and wellness affect each other allows you to live more purposefully and harmoniously.

Being well means something different to everyone but it never includes living with burnout.

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