Your audience will leave my programs feeling capable, empowered and inspired to make positive changes.

My programs don’t just educate, they help your audience learn and prime them to take action.

The goal of learning is ultimately to change a behavior and the best way to learn is to actually use the information. My programs distill key concepts down to useable chunks and are presented in a humorous, conversational and interactive way. With programs built on evidence-based research and heavy on practical application, your participants leave with new ideas, excitement and confidence around making lifestyle changes.

Inspiring change with humor and empathy I break apart complex and sometimes intangible topics and reassemble them with clarity, highlighting simple action steps and why they work. I share various approaches to the end goal and guide participants to decide what is best for them because there is rarely one “right” way to do something and we are all at different starting points.

Because “knowing” isn’t the same as “doing”, I combine my adult education background with coaching techniques to deliver presentations that empower the “doing” that creates change. Each program weaves together information, inspiration and application tips.

I tackle the often ineffectively managed topics of stress, burnout and lifestyle-imbalance so your audience can experience more purpose, joy and fulfillment. All programs are customized to your needs for specific content, length, and format. They can range from 15 – 90 minutes, half day – full day workshops, and can be virtual or in person.

my education

  • BSN (University of Michigan)
  • masters in adult education (Penn State)
  • certifications in wellness coaching (Wellcoaches and Center for Credentialing and Education)
  • training in relaxation and mindfulness from Mass General Hospital’s Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine
  • trainings through HeartMath

speaking categories:

self-compassion, burnout, stress, resilience
mindset, positive thinking, mind-body connection
general wellness
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“I’ve been promoting work place wellness initiatives for 15 years now. Unfortunately, I know from experience that most programs don’t seem to inspire employees to actually make healthy lifestyle changes. Laura Crooks is definitely an exception to that rule. Over the course of four months, our company was privileged to have Laura speak to our 600 plus manufacturing employees at their weekly stand-up meetings on topics ranging from the importance of sleep, stress management strategies and smart eating on the run.

Laura is not just a knowledgeable author, but a subject matter expert who conveys up to date practical information on how to integrate wellness into our incredibly in-over-our-heads hectic lives. On a deeper level, she actually transmits a contagious optimism and felt sense that her same vitality, healthy wholesomeness, and fitness is something we all can achieve.”

Joe O’Brien
Director, Human Resources Oberg Industries

“I have had the pleasure of hosting Laura for over 3 years as she is the designated speaker for the monthly Hitachi Wellness Series focusing on holistic wellness practices.  She is exceptionally talented at building rapport while casually explaining, at times, complex topics. Her contagious spirit and energy is captivating and motivating. Laura’s impressive clinical background and amazing depth of knowledge enable her to showcase her talent of sharing meaningful insight on living  and maintaining a healthy, balanced, and holistic lifestyle.”

Steven Santarlasci
Learning and Development Generalist Hitachi Rail

“Laura is truly a gifted educator, coach and motivational speaker.  She has a very relatable, down-to-earth, calming way about her that is appealing and well-received by audiences.

Laura does not present a lecture, as much as she guides her audience along a path of discovery, engaging and drawing them into the process. She expertly creates a tapestry for attendees, weaving together facts they already know, new information based on current research, individual values, practical strategies and a desired outcome.

Laura’s unique skill is in her ability to weave the above all together in such a way that leads attendees to draw their own insights……bringing about for them that “ahaa moment”  …….when it just “clicks”

Attendees are left feeling energized, empowered and motivated.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  Laura comes as close as I have seen to getting the horse to drink. ”

Kathy Ferri,
Community Relations Manager, Allegheny Health Network

“Laura was the keynote speaker at our first GFOA-PA West Region Wellness event and did not disappoint! She provided our group with practical, achievable ideas to be more well. Her presentation was thought provoking and inspiring. It challenged us to become better versions of ourselves and gave us tools to accomplish our personal goals. I highly recommend Laura to speak to any group…she worked with me to craft a relevant and motivating program for our group. We look forward to bringing her back for future events.”

Nancy Degenhardt, CPA
GFOA-PA West Region Board Member

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