The best way to learn is to actually use the information. My programs distill key concepts down to useable chunks and are presented in an interactive way. Based on research and heavy on practical application my wellness presentations leave participants with new ideas and confidence in leading healthier lives. My presentations can last from 10 minutes to 6 hours, be done as a one-time program or part of a series, and always have take-home applications.

Some popular presentation topics include:

  •  mind-body connection – Your mind affects your behaviors and your body affects your thoughts. Discover how to tap the resources of this connection to get new results.
  •  7 keys of wellness – Sleep, stress management, happiness, eating, exercise, mindset, and time management are all interrelated and affect your wellness.
  •  stress management – Stress affects your weight, health, and optimism. Learn how and why to tap into your relaxation response and change your perception of stressful events.
  • mindfulness – Discover the many benefits to your mood, health, and quality of life by practicing mindfulness. It can simply be added to activities you already do such as brushing your teeth or cooking dinner. Mindful eating is a specific skill that benefits your metabolism and sense of peace and enjoyment.
  •  time management – This skill is at the root of “finding” time for healthy habits.
  •  fitness and exercise – Learn to select the best exercise to match your goals, the 4 components of a solid exercise program, and how you can make exercise happen
  •  happiness/positive thinking/gratitude – With the abundance of research on happiness, learn how to boost your happiness and how it affects your wellness.
  •  healthy eating – Learn not only the various definitions of healthy eating, but what it means to you. Decipher marketing phrases from real nutrition information. There is more to eating than just what you eat, discover how and why you eat are important.
  • wine and chocolate – There are health benefits to both! Learn the best way to eat chocolate and enjoy wine.
  • create a balanced life –Learn why and how to balance personal – professional – family time.
  • willpower – Learn the latest research on the science of self-control and how to enhance it.
  • change and motivation – There are strategies and research behind establishing new habits and handling change; use the information to smooth your transition.

A Rejuvenating Program

My programs are presented from the belief that you are already doing something right and encourage you to build on that success: they are fun, interactive, and thought provoking. Participants leave feeling rejuvenated and hopeful, with practical information they can easily start to apply that same day. I would be happy to work with you in customizing a program.


“Laura is truly a gifted educator, coach and motivational speaker.  She has a very relatable, down-to-earth, calming way about her that is appealing and well-received by audiences.

Laura does not present a lecture, as much as she guides her audience along a path of discovery, engaging and drawing them into the process. She expertly creates a tapestry for attendees, weaving together facts they already know, new information based on current research, individual values, practical strategies and a desired outcome.

Laura’s unique skill is in her ability to weave the above all together in such a way that leads attendees to draw their own insights……bringing about for them that “ahaa moment”  …….when it just “clicks”.

Attendees are left feeling energized, empowered and motivated.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  Laura comes as close as I have seen to getting the horse to drink. ”

-Kathy Ferri, Community Relations Manager, Allegheny Health Network

“Laura, your method of presentation during both sessions was a very rewarding experience for myself.  You really have a genuine desire and skill in conveying your message.  On a scale of 1 – 10 you rate a 25! ”


“I wanted to thank you for your excellent presentation at our meeting last week. I liked the clarity of your presentation, the research, and the cautions. You were very engaging and it was like a shot in the arm.”


“Thank you for your presentation this morning.  I enjoyed the way we discussed wellness. So often, we get bits and pieces that don’t seem to fit, but today’s presentation was like taking a step back and looking at the whole.”


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