Wellness Coaching

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is a specialized subset of life coaching. Coaching connects your “knowing” and “doing” which are 2 distinctly different skills yet often get lumped together. You probably know what you should be doing (like eating well, moving throughout the day, managing stress, getting enough sleep…). Coaching helps you see and define each step and gives you the structure to actually do them.

If you are tired of chasing symptoms, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and lacking energy it’s probably time to clean up your lifestyle. Let me guide you through a simple process of making lifestyle changes that allow you to feel confident and calm yet energetic. You aren’t broken, you just need inspiration, information, and strategies for regaining control of a healthier lifestyle.

As a sports coach helps athletes achieve greater results by mapping out a plan, helping them discover better ways to improve, and providing support while pushing them I do the same for you but in your personal arena of health and wellness.

Coaching speeds the process of achieving your goals. Working as solution partners we look at your strengths and motivation, then we establish small action steps to build on so your new behaviors become established as habits.

It is amazing how much you can accomplish when someone helps you find clarity, weed through conflicting information, and shows you a process. With a coach you become an agent of change and make unbelievable transformations in your health habits and wellness.

You aren’t broken, you just need a system and guidance for regaining control of a healthier lifestyle!

Lifestyle changes can help you:

  • reduce your stress
  • lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar
  • become more toned and stronger
  • lose weight
  • feel fit, energetic and enthusiastic
  • feel more compassionate and patient
  • feel happier
  • sleep better

We often go through each week doing the same things out of habit not realizing we are choosing to continue making the same choices. Being able to see our options and power usually requires a shift in thinking patterns or mindset. Recognizing where we have choices is empowering because it gives us the power to take action and do things differently. Satisfaction is the result of making choices and taking control.


Working with Laura is very helpful because of her holistic approach and her knowledge of many aspects of the medical fields.  I like how she reminds me of things that were discussed in previous interviews and reinforces the possible solutions and problems in the way of those solutions. Laura is nonjudgmental even when I am judging myself harshly; she can help me focus on the positives in a healthy way.


“You got me started, I took action.  I suppose that is part of the empowerment you bring to people. Thank you doesn’t seem to be adequate.”


Are you ready to move forward?