What would life be like if you approached each day with enthusiasm and energy?

Coaching speeds the process of you achieving your goals by helping you get out of your own way.

Coaching helps you:

gain insight
challenge assumptions
become more effective
solve problems
confront beliefs
learn new things
re-frame issues
improve performance
Coaching connects your “knowing” and “doing”, which are 2 distinctly different skill sets. With planning, support and accountability you more easily get to your destination.
Coaching gets you from where you are today to your vision.

If you are tired of feeling tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, lacking focus and purpose it’s probably time to re-balance your lifestyle. Let me guide you through a simple process of change. You aren’t broken, you just need a system and guidance for regaining control of your lifestyle!


You might feel totally lost or you might have an idea what you should be doing differently. Coaching helps you clearly see and define each step and gives you the structure to actually follow through. Coaching is like training wheels, providing support and stability while you learn new skills.

Wellness coaching is a specialized subset of life coaching focusing on the wellness and resilience of your body, mind and spirit.  As a sports coach helps athletes achieve greater results by mapping out a plan, helping them discover better ways to improve, and providing support while pushing them, I do the same for you but in your personal arena of health and wellness of body, mind and spirit. You perform better in all arenas of life when you are not burned out.

How coaching works:

Without realizing it, our minds get stuck in habitual thoughts and patterns. We often go through each week doing the same things out of habit, not realizing we choose to continue making the same choices. Being able to see our current responses and behaviors, our options and power usually requires a shift in thinking patterns or mindset. A coach shows you where you are repeating unproductive thoughts.

Recognizing our choices is empowering because it gives us the power to take action and do things differently. Satisfaction is the result of making choices and taking control.

Notice that action is part of satisfaction. You need to take different action to achieve satisfaction.

the mechanics of coaching

  • Coaching is not therapy. Therapy looks to the past and heals what is wrong. Coaching is about creating something new (your future), not fixing something broken.
  • I do not take insurance.
  • I offer individual coaching and sometimes also run group coaching programs.
  • For individual coaching we generally meet by phone or zoom weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Coaching is not giving advice or simply providing information, both of which can happen in one call.
  • You will have “homework” between calls (things to think about or practice, self-assessments and planning).
  • Coaching is a process; there will be periods of fast progress and temporary periods of feeling stuck.
  • Coaching is a relationship.
  • I sell coaching by the month, not in single sessions. Education takes place in a single session.
  • In one or two sessions you might feel like you solved a problem by getting information, but you will not have changed any behaviors in that time. Knowing what to do happens long before actually doing it; creating new habits takes time. You need to allow yourself several weeks to develop a new mindset, undo old habits, and then create new ones.
  • Change takes time but not a lifetime! You don’t need a coach forever. Most people make significant changes in a matter of months.
  • I will not ask you to purchase anything else (essential oils, planners, supplements, meal plans, diagnostic kits…).
Finding the right coach is important. The right coach is the one you trust and with whom you feel a connection; someone who can inspire you to make transformations you haven’t been able to make alone. If you are interested in being coached let’s schedule a free call to see if you and I are a good fit as client and coach.

Coaching helps you reconnect your purpose and passion and live your big picture

Boost Your Joy

4-week individual coaching program
Do your days seem repetitive, mediocre, or dull?
Reignite your joy and enthusiasm

Self-Care Reset

6-week individual coaching program
Is your life an overwhelming juggling act?
Feel fulfilled and energetic by enhancing your self-care

Eliminate Burnout

10-week individual coaching program
Do you dread going to work?
Enjoy your career again; reclaim your purpose and passion

Customized Endless Possibilities

A coaching program co-designed with you, specifically for you

Coaching can help you eliminate personal burnout, reduce stress and bring back your joy, purpose and enthusiasm.

Are you ready to simplify the complexity of your life?
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