physician performance program

Maximize your potential and fulfillment by eliminating personal burnout with my physician performance program.
(a 90 day individual coaching program)

Are you burned out?

  • Do you dread going to work?
  • Do you feel there just isn’t enough time?
  • Do you question or regret your career choice?
  • Are you exhausted or drained?
  • Have you become irritable with patients or colleagues?
  • Have you stopped caring?
  • Do you feel you work hard but aren’t making a difference?
  • Are you dissatisfied or unfulfilled at the end of the day?
Your exhaustion, cynicism, frustration and apathy can be signs of burnout.
Physicians have higher than average rates of burnout. It may not be a question of IF you experience burnout but WHEN.
Burnout is reversible and preventable.
You can restore life balance, meaning and joy.
Let me help.
Burnout affects more than your attitude; your performance, relationships and health suffer. Do you experience:



GI disturbances




work-life imbalance

making more errors

less efficiency




Burnout usually has both organizational and personal components.
Factors that contribute to burnout include:

working long hours


workplace hostility

heavy workload

feeling you have little control over your work

continual exposure to stress and decision making

poor work-life balance

misaligned values

increased administrative responsibilities

inadequate support from administration

unpredictability of each shift


Coaching can help you eliminate personal burnout, reduce stress and bring back your joy, purpose and enthusiasm.

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