Choose to stress less!

I help 40-50 something go-getters make time for themselves and reclaim a fit, energetic and balanced lifestyle.

  • Are you feeling:

flabby and crabby?
frustrated or confused that what worked in your 20s or 30s to maintain your fitness and
energy is no longer working well?
overwhelmed juggling all of your responsibility?
drained or exhausted?
selfish about wanting time for yourself?
unsure of what you would do just for you if you had free time?

What worked for you years ago is probably no longer working well for you. Your body has changed, your priorities have changed, and your stressors have changed; now your lifestyle needs to change to catch up. You are more than your job title, your kids, what you eat, your committee work and how many people you lead.

Your sense of wellness is affected by your stress, sleep, happiness, food choices, eating style, values, exercise, mood, mindset and time management. In which area are YOU ready to start making improvements?

Let me be your guide and help you discover and implement the simple changes that can make all the difference.

Your health is not an indulgence. You have a body, mind and spirit that all need to be addressed if you want to live a fulfilling life with abundant energy. You can feel energetic yet calm, fit and limber, happy and satisfied. Let me show you how.

Your thoughts drive your beliefs which drive your behaviors. So to change your behaviors you must first change your thoughts and beliefs. Your mindset and beliefs are the key to making positive, healthy changes.

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My core beliefs:

o    Wellness is a journey, not a destination.
o    Effective change can be simple and fun.
o    No single lifestyle is right for everyone. (There is no one right way to eat, no one right way to exercise, no one best way to manage stress and no   magic amount of sleep that works for everyone.)
o    Mindset is the key to wellness.
o    Your stress, sleep, eating and exercise are all interrelated.
o    Knowing something is not the same as doing it.

Take 4 minutes and enjoy this relaxation video.